Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July in Colorado

We are enjoying ourselves this summer! I love having the summer off to spend with my kids. The house isn't super clean, but we are having fun. The kids had swim lessons the first two weeks we were off and we have spent time with Kathy and Zach, gone downtown, run through water fountains at the local mall and been swimming a lot. Gil and I have worked on the backyard a lot, it is looking good, though Kona still gets a wild hair and decides to dig up a tree just for fun some mornings. Our niece Aleigh has been staying with us. She is a wonderful kid and I love having her around. I wish I could find her more people her age so that she was less bored and stuck with old me. The 4th of July was so much fun. The association had pony rides and a petting zoo for kids. They loved it! Aleigh got to go home with Kathy and meet some girls in Parker, she had a good time. Noa's surgery was the 7th of July. We had to be at the hospital at 5:30 am, and the surgery began at 7:30. He was finished by 10:30 and then we were in recovery and then his room. Presbyterian St. Lukes had opened a new pediatric wing the day before, so we had a beautiful new room, great nurses, and all in all a great stay. The anesthesiologist sang to Noa while I held him until he fell asleep. What wonderful people. The nurses were so young I felt especially old, but they were caring and knowledgeable. We have spent the last week close to home, trying to ensure that Noa gets enough rest, is close to meds and that he doesn't put anything in his mouth. We were supposed to have him wear splint like things on his arms that keep him from bending them and putting things in his mouth. He has a hard enough time staying on two feet with the dogs running around, toys and things on the ground, not to mention that they made him darn miserable. I left them off except for when he slept as he is a thumb sucker. I watched him closely and he never put anything in his mouth except Makana's tooth brush (disgusting, I know) and he just sort of chews on those to try to get any "yummy" tooth paste off. Tonight was the first night he got to sleep without the "no-nos", he had a big grin on his face when I did not put them on at bed time. Thursday we will have a docs appointment to follow up on his progress. He is a little whiny at times, but really considering all that was done to him, he has been quite a little trooper. His speech sounds improved immediately after surgery and I have to say, he is as cute and as sweet as ever. Makana has done a good job of helping him feel better and has been conscious of how he must feel, oh don't get me wrong, there are days when the screaming at each other, one with words, the other with just sounds, makes me long for school to be in session, but all in all, they are doing great.