Friday, September 4, 2009

Paperwork HOORAY!

Makana started "kindergarten" at her Montessori school Monday. She is thrilled beyond belief. Now she doesn't have to go with the "Nappas" (nappers) any more and instead gets to learn to read and write. The very first day she had homework, which she calls paperwork to do. She had to look at the moon and then draw what it looked like and trace some words on a paper. You would have thought they were letting her fly to the moon! She simply could not wait to get home and do her paperwork! She will still need to attend state kindergarten next year, but this one makes her happy now! Her best friends from school last year are all older than she is and started public school this year, but as kindergarten here is still half day they come back for the last half of the day and Makana is thrilled

Noa was sick all last week, Cody rescued us and came to watch them so I could go to the first day of school to meet my students. Gil ended up staying home Tuesday until we could come home and let him go to work. We had care arranged for Wed- Friday as the school was closed those days. He had a sore throat and a fever that has now developed into a cough. And lucky me this week I have it. Gil kept saying don't let him kiss you, but how could I resist? Besides, he was sick and needed mommy kisses. Unfortunately that made for a rough week for me this week because I have no voice. Last night was Back to School and I had to talk to 4 different groups of parents, so today it is even worse.

Noa has speech therapy beginning again on Saturday. He needs it and we need it, he is not really trying to add new words anymore and just grunts most of the time. I don't know how to help him learn to make the sounds and he gets frustrated so easily when he wants something. I am beginning to worry about it all. We talk to him a lot, so he hears and knows a lot of words in English, he just can't or won't try to say them.

Aleigh is here and has started school. She is fun to have around to talk with, the kids love her and she helps me out so much. She seems to be making a lot of friends and enjoying the school, though she is not used to the amount of homework, she actually doesn't seem to mind that either! Tonight is the first football game of the season, she will probably go with a girl she met in her "dance" class. The quotes are Aleigh's because she says it is more exercise than dance.