Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Gotcha Day 2010 and beyond!

I can't believe it has been 5 years since we became a family! Makana is such a beautiful girl, inside and out and we are so lucky to have her in our lives! We celebrated with Daddy and Cody with dinner and cake, then I took Makana for her first mani/pedi at a little salon for kids, she loved it. This month at school Makana got an award for Personal Integrity, which was very sweet and the assembly was very nice. Noa is loving his school and is talking more, he is putting together longer and longer sentences, though he is still difficult to understand. I know the first step is that he tries to say the words and that we can work on how he says them now, but sometimes it is hard on all of us when he wants to say something and we can't understand him. He LOVES jeeps like his Uncle E has and says he wants one too. His favorite toys are his cars and trucks, like most boys, but he also plays house with his sister, which is really cute. He finally can reach the pedals on the trike that we bought him for Christmas last year, down hill is no problem, except for the steering part, up hill is another matter all together. Halloween is approaching and Noa is still unsure of all the spooky stuff. Gil loves Halloween and has been making ghosts with the kids, and other decorations. Our trees are now hung with plastic ghosts and coloring on construction paper. I bought costumes for them both, a princess and a dragon, very cute, I found them when the kids weren't with me, so I was very happy that they liked them. Fall break is wonderful, I love being home with the kids, we haven't done much, but just being together is great. Leaves are changing colors, it is beautiful, I am not ready for the snow that I know must be coming! Gil has finished the deck project for this year, it looks great! we have so much more usable space now, he has worked so hard since June, it will be good to have him to just hang out with now!