Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Makana's Birthday, 6 years old!

Makana celebrated her birthday several times this year. We had cake and dinner on the actual day, on another day when Dad could be home, on a day when Cody cold be here and then her party. Wow! She had just a few kids for the party, but they enjoyed themselves so much. Kathy decorated her beautiful Barbie cake, I did the baking, that is the easy part!

Noa went to see his speech pathologist who said he seems to have articulation problems that have nothing to do with the cleft in addition to the cleft issues. She suggested we take him in to an ENT for a scope procedure so they could see if the airway is closing properly. I was lucky to get an appointment right away. We went in last Friday and I am now waiting to hear from the surgeon. Both the ENT and the Speech Pathologist, who was kind enough to meet us there, agreed that we probably need surgery. The procedure was less than fun, but not terrible. My little guy having another surgery does not make me happy, but doing everything we can to get him the help he needs to speak so he can be understood.

After the doctor's appointment we had a lovely lunch with Cody and did some shopping at the mall nearby. Not for me, Noa got new clothes and we visited Build a Bear where he got a new panda and dressed him in a fire man's outfit.

We are having fun on today's snow day, and another has been called for tomorrow. Too bad the wind chill is so low I don't dare let my babies out to play. Tomorrow is Noa's second Gotcha Day, can't believe its only been two years and also can't believe its already two years, at the same time! He is such a wonderful little guy and we are so happy to have him a part of our family!